Friday, August 6, 2010

De ja vous, or dream come true?

Ever since my first encounters with fashion, first flirts, flings and eventually going full on I have experienced the sad times, good times and heartbreaks. I already knew as a scholar that it was fashion that I wanted to go into and thanks to the net(which was a bit slower then) I used to follow up on fashion news and updates globally and locally, but mostly locally since it was more in my face resulting from of the local designer emporium boom along with other chain retails shops.

I used to subscribe to online fashion newsletters and google a lot of local designers and brands that were big at that time like Strange love, Darkie, Ephymol etc. aspiring to be at the stage that they were at and just to be part of those circles within fashion. Years have past and I have paid some of my dues and still am, been to fashion school did my internships and so on. Yesterday to my suprise when I received the S.A. Fashion week newsletter my clothing was actually featured and was a bit startled and thought, "could I have made it?"
Even though not many people know of my clothes and brand I could somehow safely say I have in a bit of a way have made it and it occured to me that I might be those designers I used to google and admire to some aspiring fashionista some where out there, well it's my pleasure.

A dream come true it is for my side, it shows that so progress is definite so step by step eventually I will reach my peak and continue being a soldier of expression.

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